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    If you are doing an internet business, then you need a properly designed website, which is very much essential in improving your online business. Web design not only stops with the design of a website but, there is further scope for updating and maintaining the website to stay in the business world. A good website is there to showcase the skills and business of a company in order to attract many customers and to keep the existing customers in tact.

    Features of a Website Design:

    • Proper designing of the website will ensure the great success of your online business.

    • Apart from aesthetic nature of your website, the content of the website is the most important factor to ensure continued traffic.

    • Your website has to be so designed to enable easy navigation by the visitors. Your website should be user friendly, simple and reliable.

    • Your customers may be eager to know about the products and services, you offer, and therefore, your website should be provided with an easily visible search box.

    • You have to avoid excessive usages of animation, videos, etc. in order to ensure your website to load quickly.

    • The website should be updated periodically and this is very important.

    • Every web page of your site should contain the logo of your company and that too it should be clearly identifiable.

    • Consistency and uniformity should be maintained throughout the website pages.

    • Website should be easily readable through different browsers and must suit various screen sizes.

    Advantages of Engaging the Services of genero technology:

    There are many companies that offer web design, web development and other services. But, Genero Technology, based in Delhi, is a company that deals with all the aspects of web designing and maintaining and developing the same, exclusively to cater the needs of its clients. This company also provides marketing solutions and information technology. It is asserted that genero technology is the most apt solution in respect of your business web design, maintenance, development and other related services.

    The services of web application development consultants are very much necessary to run an online business successfully. This service plays a vital role for the welfare of any organisation or company doing online business. Web application is essential to implement the policies of your business by using data services.

    Importance of b2b and b2c Solutions:

    In order to continue in the business race and compete with other fellow business organisations, it is very much essential to have various b2b solutions that are properly developed. When a business organisation develops and designs b2b solutions, it provides great opportunity for the customers to know about all information about the business you offer and it helps easy marketing and selling of the products. This would also provide an interesting shopping facility to the customers.

    There are many companies, who have developed the latest b2b solutions and a team of development application of such companies decide the required solutions on the basis of the requirements of the hiring industries and the user’s needs. The technologies developed and incorporated by such companies are Porting Classic ASP/ VB applications to NET, Visual studio 2008, WCF, WPF, LINQ, My SQL and more.

    All the above developments assure increased efficiency in respect of supply chain, resulting in good return on your investments. The clients are also able to achieve increased productivity and cost savings. Many online business establishments come forward to utilise the above solutions for the rapid development of the company at economic cost and thereby gaining advantage over others.

    In normal businesses, manufacturers produce products and sell them to the customers through marketers or distributers. In fact these distributers act as intermediaries and hence the final consumer has to pay more for the product, he or she purchases. The advantage of b2c e-commerce solutions is that the contact is developed between the producers and the customers and as a result the consumers are getting their products at lower and affordable rates. The customers are able to buy there needs through online, without any intermediary transactions.

    Moreover, in the above process, shopping is done much faster and these direct transactions avoid intermediaries and help lower overall price tag of products or commodities. In this process of business added costs for a product can easily be avoided and this is a great benefit for the customers.

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