What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is a process of developing a website's structure and content to enable it to achieve the best possible rankings within the results being displayed on a search engine after a search is conducted for a particular term. Today e-commerce has become the most successful form of business because of which web continues to grow at a rapid rate. Therefore search engine has become the dominant search tool for online users and so optimizing your website is essential for determining how many visitors your site attracts from these sources.

    How can Search Engine Optimization affect our business?

    SEO can revolutionize your business. If you are an online marketer and believe in selling and purchasing of your products online then SEO becomes indispensable for you. Your SEO rankings needs to be improved so that you can also rank in the top 10. The difference in the methodologies of the SEO services being offered affects your business to great extent. Using proper tools and technologies can really benefit you to a greater extent.

    Can we take care of it ourselves?

    If you are ready to put consistent effort on your website and use right techniques then you can be assured of your success in taking proper care of your website. However your patience, determination and your knowledge to handle search engine market will also count

    In what way can Generotechnology provide us with better services than other companies in the industry?

    Genero Technology applies innovative methods for optimisation. It provides dedicated SEO services at a cost friendly rate which small and medium sized business can afford and that too within a specified period of time. It treats the goals of the customers as its own goals

    Are search engine rankings guaranteed?

    If you trust Genero Technology for your search engine results then definitely it is guaranteed. Results on popular search engine are guaranteed by us and if we fail then we will return back your money.

    What do paid inclusion services refer to?

    n paid inclusion a search engine company charges fees to include a website in their search database. Most of the search engine companies charge paid inclusion services but goggle is not a part of them.

    How long before the results show?

    Results may start appearing within the first month itself in Search engines like MSN and may be also on Yahoo. This is because Yahoo and MSN includes your website quickly in their database listing. Google generally takes a little longer before the results starts appearing.

    What are Genero Technology's SEO pricing plans?

    At Genero Technology the pricing plans differ from project to project. It depends upon the type of work needed for your website definitely our prices are nominal which can be afforded by both large and medium sized business.

    you can contact us by mail . We will get back to you with a proposal and if possible, the estimated cost of the project.

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