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    To arrive at great profit, small business people cannot afford to waste time and therefore, they go for latest technologies, which offer numerous opportunities to maximize efficiency within your business operation resulting in savings of time. When you are able to operate your efficiently than before, you have enough time to market your goods and services and earn a reasonable profit.

    For example, consider the payments through credit cards. In those days it took more time for payments through credit cards and the process was highly cumbersome and time consuming. Nowadays credit cards are swiped through small card reader and the employees are able to provide their services to more customers in less time, thanks to latest developments in web based client technology.

    Besides quick processing, the business establishments are able to keep and store the customer data and any thing such as customer address and other particulars can easily be culled out thanks to the latest technology development. In those days, data on customers were stored in the form of files and if you need any data in respect of a customer, you have to search from the whole pile of files. The business people must be aware of the technology that suits his/her business processes and select accordingly.

    Customized Application Software Development:

    Customized application software has been found to improve the efficiency of the businesses of clients. Through this software, many companies have developed highly technical and cost effective solutions that fulfil the needs of their clients and allow them to stay among the stiff competitors in their business sector. The business people are also able to focus their attention on their area of expertise.

    Client Server Technology:

    Client server technology is a network of distributed computing and in this arrangement, the tasks and computing power is split between the servers and the clients. The data that is common to the users are stored and processed by the servers so that any client in any part of the world can access to the data required.

    In this process, different clients may require varieties of data and ask the server for the data required and then the server does the process and provide the necessary data that are wanted by different clients. Here, the server does the job of a database and is able to extract the information as needed by the client and provide the same to him or her. This technology is considered as a cost reduction technology.

    Client server application is nothing but a relationship between two computer programs. One program is that the client makes his or her request for a particular data and in the second program the server complies with the request of the client and provides the data required. Client-server idea is an important idea in a network. This client-server technology is able to provide a convenient way of connection among programs that are distributed efficiently across different locations.

    As a simple example, a client wanting to check his/her bank account, send a request through his/her computer and the request is being forwarded to a server program in the bank. Your request will be forwarded to the own client program, which sends your request to database server at another bank computer to provide the required your bank account details. Now the required data is returned back to the bank data client and finally to the client.

    A web application is three tier applications and this system has a browser, to monitor data, web server to manipulate data and database server to store data. A client server application has a two tier applications and this has forms and reporting at the front end, where monitoring and manipulations are done and database server at the back end for the purpose of data storage and retrieval.

    The type of tests that can be applied to web applications are user interface testing for validation and user friendliness, functionality test to validate behaviour, browser compatibility, security testing, load testing, interoperability testing and storage and volume testing. Further, the tests performed on client server application are manual support testing, user interface testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing and inter systems testing.

    The above mentioned technologies are designed exclusively for the business community to save time and avoid manual efforts and to improve their business and earn huge profit. Moreover, the clients are more benefited as they are able to acquire the data required by them in no time. The business people are able to develop contact with their customers directly and there is no place for intermediate people. If a business person wants to send some communication to its customers, he or she need not send separate e-mail letters to them and instead newsletter service can be used to automatically send the communication to one and all at the same time.

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